Finca Las Marujitas


Coming soon, new spaces will be crated

Production plant of olive oil:

This plant will have an innovative technological development, counting on the latest generation vacuum operating machinery.

With a unique aesthetic feature, the plant will include a smelling room, a tasting room, and several spaces devoted to meditation. This production plant is thought to receive tourists, so that the visitors will be able not only to see the process, but also to take part in it.


Built on the top of a tower of water by the end of XIX century, this lookout point will be situated at 8 meters from the ground floor, giving a unique view of the landscape. Also, there will be a telescope to watch the night sky.

Tour around the country estate with 12 stops to practice meditation
It is offered a tour embracing the complete extension of the country estate, making 12 stops. In each of them, you will find an invitation to meditate and expand your consciousness.

• Family bungalows
• 15 rooms will be added to the original resthouse (posada)
• Olive spa
• Sport club
• Theme Huarpe Park