Finca Las Marujitas

Our country estate

It has a surface area of 100 hectares, located in Jocolí Viejo area, in the locality of Lavalle, just 20 minutes from Mendoza city far.

The country estate is located in a favorable area to grow up olive trees. It’s at an altitude of 615 meters above sea level. The soil is arid and the climate is temperate, with a big thermal oscillation and scarce rainfall.

The whole 100 hectares are destined to the olive-culture. We search to maximize resources and to cause minimal damage on the flora and fauna in order to build up the activity in a total balance with nature and, at the same time, to get the best quality fruit.

The super intensive, intensive and semi- intensive growing give the possibility to maximize both the soil and irrigation water. The idea of different varieties plantation allows us to have different moments to harvest and gives us the possibility of elaborating different oil blends.

We use the furrow irrigation system, with water that comes from the irrigation ditch. This hydric system was developed in the area according to the antique irrigation system of canals and ditches, used by the natives to produce irrigation water and drinking water, during pre-Hispanic times. Caring about the place’s topography, the melt water from The Andes Mountain Range runs through the ditch, which comes down the mountain and goes up to the country estate. This water is pure and rich in minerals and promotes the olives quality.

The natural frame around the country estate shows charm, mysticism and history. On one side the impressive Los Andes Mountain Range, and in the other side the proximity of the Altos Limpios desert, a more than 15 meters high dunes area, a landscape as unique as special.

This area was the setting of the Huarpes (native aboriginal people), who used to go up into the Laguna del Rosario (lake), on totora rafts. As time went by, this desert area was transformed by man’s hand into the actual fertile oasis.