Finca Las Marujitas


The olive is the essential part of every activity and product in LAS MARUJITAS’ country estate.


The olive existence (Olea Europea) dates back to 12 thousand years before Christ and some mortars and presses for the oil extraction have been found, which date back to 5 thousand years before Christ. The olive tree is a holy tree that has had a significant role in different civilizations, not only for lighter, medicine, food and cosmetic uses, but also because of its rich symbolism.

The olive plant grows up in warm climates, and nowadays, there are about 2,000 varieties around the world. It is believed that the olive is originated in Asia Minor, and later on, it was expanded from there to Greece and Syria. Even though there are other investigations which establish that it was originated in Egypt and Ethiopia.

The Phoenicians, who dominated the seas during centuries, brought the olive onto Greek towards the 16th century B.C. Since then, it was expanded in a considerable way, even in the 4th century B.C., the legislator “Solon the Great” introduced laws to regulate the olive oil export. Also the Phoenicians brought the olive onto Spain, towards the 11th century B.C. Then, in the 6th century B.C. the olive was expanded to Tripoli, Tunes, Sicilia and the southern part of Italy. With the discovery of America, the olive plant was stretched into the new continent, too.

We invite you to know further information about the olive, its properties and benefits.