Finca Las Marujitas

Old Quarter

The ancestral management house, which was owned by Villanueva family during 150 years, has been refurbished and restored to be preserved as an old quarter. This house is important because of its history, besides its architectonical worth. 
The house was built in the decade of 1870 and some of its parts were brought by ship from England, as the origin seals on its beams certify it. The house is laid down on foundations of rocks, which were brought from The Andes, and still preserves the original floors, although restored, made of heart pine. The joinery, as well as some pieces of furniture, depicts the traditional English style of that time.
The house, and its history, has testified a significant stage of the Argentine history.
Since 1800, approximately, this building was property of Melchor Villanueva, who was married to Dolores Delgado, whose mother, Josefa Alvarez de Delgado, was godmother of Merceditas de San Martín, “el Libertador”’s daughter. José de San Martín, national hero of Argnetina. Melchor’s first cousin, Benigno Villanueva, at the age of fisteen, stayed at this house, during a season. The story has it that a Huarpe princess fell in love with the young boy. However, as her love was not corresponded by him, she died of sadness. Since then, people around tell apparitions legends.
The Huarpe princess was Santos Guayama’sister, who commanded the “rebelión lagunera” (rebellion staged by native people living around the Rosario’s lagoon), as it is described in Sarmiento’s book “Recuerdos de Provincia”. By that time, the Governor of Mendoza, Arístides Villanueva, made a huge effort in capture him, although he did not succeed.
The attic of the house was the guard place. From here, villain alarms were raised, so that they could be combated.
Women took refuge in the basement.